Stress Intensity Factors Pro

Available on the iPhone and iPad

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Stress Intensity Factors Pro is the easiest and most convenient way to calculate SIFs when and where you need to. Simply select from the available geometries, enter the loads and dimension, and the App will quickly give you the resulting “K”. Share a PDF of the result via email or a print out.

Features include:
  • Universal App (Designed for iPad and iPhone)
  • Automatic conversion of the inputs and results between Imperial and Metric units
  • Share your calculation via email or Air Print

Mode I “K” solutions included are:

Standard Specimen:
  • Single Edge Notch in Tension
  • Single Edge Notch in Bending
  • Center Cracked in Tension
  • Double Edge Notched in Tension
  • Compact Specimen
  • Disk Shaped Compact Specimen

Infinite Plates
  • Through Crack in an Infinite Plate (also includes Mode II solution)
  • Edge Crack in a Semi-Infinite Plate
  • Surface Flaw in an Infinite Plate

Finite Plates
  • Surface Flaw in a Flat Plate
  • Embedded Flaw in a Flat Plate
  • Corner Crack in a Flat Plate

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