Stress Concentration Factors 2

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Sometimes simple stress formulae are not enough. The real peak stresses in hardware occurs at geometric discontinuities such as notches, holes, & filets. To get an accurate stress value, you need a stress concentration factor. This app makes that easy. Along with stress concentration factors, this app calculates the nominal and peak stresses, displays the equations, & easily prints or shares via email your result with a couple of taps.

Stress Concentration Factors 2 Features:
  • Calculates the Stress Concentration Factor
  • Nominal Stress
  • Peak Stress
  • Designed for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad
  • Printing Capability
  • Ability to email a PDF of the Geometry, Inputs, Equations, & Results

Stress Concentration Factors 2 calculates the stress concentration factors & displays the equations for 26 different geometries including:

  • Single U Notch in tension
  • Central Hole in tension
  • U Notch Circular Shaft in tension

Additional Solution Available for In-App Purchase:
  • Single U Notch in bending
  • Double U Notch in tension, bending, & out of plane bending
  • Single V Notch in bending
  • Infinite Row of U Notches in tension
  • Central Hole in bending, & out of plane bending
  • Off Center Hole in tension & bending
  • Rectangular Hole in tension
  • Infinite Row of Holes in parallel & normal tension
  • Square Shoulder Fillet in Tension
  • Square Shoulder Fillet in Bending
  • U Notch Circular Shaft bending & torsion
  • Stepped Circular Shaft in tension, bending, & torsion
  • Circular Shaft with a Radial Hole in tension, bending & torsion

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